Brand Designer

The goal of this project was to develop comprehensive brand guidelines for OpenSay, a Slack-based platform designed to facilitate anonymous messaging and whistleblowing within corporate environments. The guidelines aimed to establish a strong brand identity that resonates with values such as security, professionalism, and transparency.
1. Research and Discovery: Conducted interviews with stakeholders to understand their vision and values. Analyzed competitors to ensure uniqueness in branding.

2. Concept Development: Developed concepts that reflected OpenSay's commitment to providing a psychologically safe workspace. Emphasis was placed on creating a visual identity that communicated openness and approachability while maintaining professional integrity.

3. Design Execution: Created a color palette, typography set, logo, and imagery guidelines. Special attention was given to the logo’s symbolism, incorporating elements that signify anonymity and communication.

4. Guideline Documentation: Compiled the design decisions into a clear and detailed brand book. This included usage guidelines for logo, color palette, typography, and imagery, ensuring consistency across all mediums.
Balancing a professional yet approachable look was challenging, especially given the sensitive nature of the platform's services. It was crucial to foster an environment of trust and openness without compromising on the professional image.

Opted for a balanced color palette that conveyed both warmth and professionalism. The logo design cleverly integrated elements like a raccoon to symbolize cleverness and adaptability, enhancing the brand’s narrative about secure and intelligent communication.

The brand guidelines have been instrumental in helping OpenSay establish a cohesive and strong brand identity. This has enhanced user engagement and trust, contributing to a more open and communicative workplace culture for their clients.

Technologies and Tools Used:
Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Midjourney.